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Zigong animatronic dinosaur allosaurus manufactuer

Product name : Zigong animatronic dinosaur allosaurus manufactuer
Product ID : DP006
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Dinosaur type:Allosaurus
Material:Silicone rubber,sponge
Control system:Animatronic dinosaur
Type:Artificial dinosaur,simulation dinosaur,imitation dinosaur
Product Description

animtronic dinosaur series.png



绿方格.jpg Frame: high quality stainless steel metal

绿方格.jpg Body: high density foam

绿方格.jpg Surface: environmental friendly silicon rubber


We offer museum and exhibition quality animatronic dinosaur allosaurus. We can customize all type life size animatronic dinosaur allosaurus with realistic movements


We offer animatronic dinosaur allosaurus between 1 and 50 meters. We use spine length to calculate length size because every dinosaur may have different pose


We offer all types animatronic dinosaur allosaurus with customized sizes, colors, sounds, poses


绿方格.jpg Eyes blink

绿方格.jpg Mouth open and close synchronize with roar

绿方格.jpg Head moving left to right

绿方格.jpg Neck moving up and down

绿方格.jpg Stomach breathing

绿方格.jpg Tail swaying

Please contact with us for any special movement about Zigong animatronic dinosaur allosaurus manufacturer


Control box, speaker, sensor equipment and speaker cover


500w-1500w (Depends on animal's size and movements) 110V/60Hz,220V/50Hz


Indoor exhibits and outdoor exhibits, parks, playgrounds, showrooms, grocery stores, shopping malls, weddings, festivals, events, movie theaters, recreation centers, fairs, safari parks, zoos, animated film, amusement parks, theme parks, Jurassic theme parks, Halloween, etc.


Can we create a real Jurassic Park? Yes, we can do it. Welcome to Amodinosaur de Zigong manufacturer,discover the realistic,smoother motion dinosaur models animatronic dinosaur allosaurus ,a hands-on manufacturer featuring animatronic and museum quality life-size dinosaur replicas.The animatronic dinosaur allosaurus will mimic real dinosaur movement and sounds, also you can see the breath in their lungs, the with some featuring the ability to be controlled by a sensor by walk by. The truth is, dinosaurs are alive and well today, and living in disguise,right in your own backyard.

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