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Green Cute Dinosaur Ride for Shopping Mall

Product name : Green Cute Dinosaur Ride for Shopping Mall
Product ID : DR062
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Dinosaur type:animatronic dinosaur ride
Material:Silicone rubber,sponge
Control system:animatronic dinosaur ride for amusement park
Type:animatronic dinosaur ,dinosaur rides, animatronic dinosaur rides, amusement park,dinosaur

Product Description

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绿方格.jpg Frame: high quality stainless steel metal

绿方格.jpg Body: high density foam

绿方格.jpg Surface: environmental friendly silicon rubber




We offer two types of dinosaur rides; one is walking dinosaur ride and the other one is dinosaur ride




Walking dinosaur ride is between 3.5 and 5 meters and support max weight 200kg

Dinosaur ride is between 3 and 5 meters and support max weight 200kg



We offer Toothless dinosaur rides with big chair in customized sizes, colors, sounds, poses and all dinosaur types



绿方格.jpg Eyes blink

绿方格.jpg Mouth open and close synchronize with the sound

绿方格.jpg Head moving left to right

绿方格.jpg Neck moving up and down

绿方格.jpg Tail swaying

绿方格.jpg Ride


For additional special movement, please contact with us life size T rex dinosaur rides with big chair for adult




Ladder, control box, speaker, coin operated equipment, speaker cover



500w-1500w (Depends on animal's size and movements) 110V/60Hz,220V/50Hz



Indoor exhibits and outdoor exhibits, parks, playgrounds, showrooms, grocery stores, shopping malls, weddings, festivals, events, movie theaters, recreation centers, fairs, safari parks, zoos, animated film, amusement parks, theme parks, Jurassic theme parks, Halloween, etc


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If you don’t know how to choose dinosaur rides, give us a email or call and we will recommend the excellent solution for you.

You also can check dinosaur rides features to know all details of dinosaur rides,it will guide you decide what you want,we are professional designer, innovative and stable for an entire service life.

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