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Animatronic dinosaurs feathered features



Almost all dinosaurs were probably covered in feathers,discover new feathered dinosaur fossil Tyrannosaurus rex,when you decide to buy the animatronic dinosaurs feathered , you need to know some informations about these style dinosaurs,so we will show you how to choose right animatronic dinosaurs feathered.We are not only supply high quality product to our customers ,but also service expert international business more than 10 years.

1.About animatronic dinosarus with real animal feather,fur and mane.

Some dino models use various real feather,animal fur and animal mane for special design, but you need to check if can permit this kind of real feather and fur in destination portNew Zealand,Italia permission.Normal we use real feathering of duck ,chicken,goose, and mane of yak,etc.


2.About about animatronic dinosarus with real animal feather and manmade fur.

Some dino models use various real feather and manmade fur mixed for unique style, also you need to check if can permit this kind of real feather in destination portNew Zealand,Italia permission. Normal we use real feathering of duck , goose, cock and diffierent colourful manmade fur.


3.About about animatronic dinosarus with manmade fur .

Some dino models use various manmade fur for colorful style, this kind of model can export to all over world,Normal we only use the length of manmade fur less than 10cm, so only we cover model with fur it can be wonderful color.


Normal Amodinosaur can bulid any animatronic dinosaurs feathered per customer’s specification.As animatronic dinos feathered need to handmade stick process,so it will be take more time than silicone skin, so we suggest model size about 3-5 meters.If you would like this kind of model too much , but destionation port cann’t import this kind of items, also we suggest customer can buy semi-finished product of animatronic dinos, you just arrange feathered in your country.Every customer want to built memorable project, contact us today with your fairy tales idea, and we can make it a reality to as large as your imagination can take you.

Every animal mode it is customized and unique,even you can do monster so if you want to choose one special dinosaur sound for your pet, special language for your events, come inside and hear all of the Dinosaur Sounds you want.