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How Long Will a Fiberglass Animal Last ?




The working life of fiberglass animal is determined by a wide variety of factors, frame quality , fiberglass quality,paiting quality and indoor or outdoor environment,many of which are independent of the material of fiberglass and painting. Very close attention must be paid to the selection of high quality technology process skin and installation, the big size of fiberglass animal always need to science calculate implant depth of   underground.It’s also critical that the appropriate painting of surface skin is chosen for indoor or outdoor. One of the most common fiberglass animal failure causes are painting generation in the outdoor environment.

Today, one of the most commonly used fiberglass animal is imported paning against local market painting.The imported painting same as car painting, it will be more expensive ,durable and wonderful colour .This is a cool imported color you can use it 6-7 years in the outdoor park.If you choose the location painting of China market ,we suggest change repainting every 3 years.