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How Long Will a Dinosaur Costume Last ?




The working life of dinosaur costume is determined by a wide variety of factors, the thickness of stainless still frame , density foam quality,silicon rubber quality and usage method,many of which are independent of the design of inner operation system. Very close attention must be paid to the selection of good design frame operation flexible,lightweight and durable skin technology. It’s also critical that the appropriate elastic of surface skin is chosen for each different parts of dinosaur suit and suitable size to wear it. Two of the most common dinosaur costume failure causes are mechanical operation generation and joint skin broken both of which have multiple potential root causes.

Prevent mechanical operation generation from decreasing the working life of dinosaur costume.

Today, one of the most commonly used dinosaur costume combinations is new design mechanical operation and durable skin against a much harder old design dinosaur costume. This is a cool-running combination if you can use it on the dinosaur  prank about four or five years.

About the skin color of dinosaur costume , we suggest change repainting every two or three years it will be better present colourful dinosaur prank walking on the street.