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Dinosaurs sounds of animatronic ankylosaurus




You want to make your special style sound s of animatronic dinosaurs ankylosaurus grunts with slight growl, deep guttural vocal,groan and moan, deep snarl with heavy breath,squawk,low breathe or snarl,CU breathy hiss,call,roaring and attack,this area is for fun or science.Nobody really knows who did the dinosaurs ankylosaurus sounds.

ankylosaurus 1.wav

ankylosaurus 2.wav

ankylosaurus 3.wav

ankylosaurus 4.wav

ankylosaurus 5.wav

ankylosaurus 6.wav

ankylosaurus 7.wav

ankylosaurus 8.wav

ankylosaurus 9.wav

ankylosaurus 10.wav

ankylosaurus 11.wav

ankylosaurus 12.wav

ankylosaurus 13.wav

ankylosaurus 14.wav

ankylosaurus 15.wav

Please remember that all sounds are in .wav format. Click on any of the clicks above to hear the most popular and professional animatronic animatronic ankylosaurus sound effects.