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Amodinosaur is one of the leading suppliers & exporter of life size animatronic dinosaurs ,animatronic  animals ,dinosaur costumes as well as dinosaur skeleton replica. Located  in the dinosaur capital in Zigong city, China, Amodinosaur has professional artists and an extensive mechanical engineer team to ensure all  dinosaurs are superbly handcrafted, with vivid & life-like smooth movements.

 Our animatronic dinosaurs have earned a high reputation from clients in North America, Europe and South American countries. We have customers in UK,Russia,Turkey,Pakistan,Egypt,Singapore,Brazil,Indonesia,Chile,Ukraine,USA,Finland,France etc.

 Our animatronic dinosaurs are Sun-resistant, Water-resistant and Snow-resistant, suitable for both Indoor & Outdoor use!

 To better service our international clients, we have native English speaking representatives in the U.S. and Spanish speaking representatives in Spain, so you can get help in your native language.

 Looking forward to work with you! 

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